Sculpting Excellence: EMSCULPT Neo in Newtown, PA

Sculpting Excellence: EMSCULPT Neo in Newtown, PA

Are you ready to redefine your physique and achieve a sculpted body without invasive procedures? Look no further than EMSCULPT Neo – the groundbreaking non-invasive body contouring treatment that is taking Newtown, Bucks County, Yardley, and Langhorne, PA, by storm. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the unique benefits of EMSCULPT Neo and why it’s becoming the go-to choice for individuals in these vibrant Pennsylvania communities.

Unlocking the Power of EMSCULPT Neo

EMSCULPT Neo combines advanced High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology with Radiofrequency (RF) energy to offer a dual-action solution for muscle building and fat reduction. If you’re in Newtown, New Hope, Bucks County, Yardley, Langhorne, Levittown, PA, and seeking a non-invasive approach to sculpting your body, EMSCULPT Neo might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

How EMSCULPT Neo Works:

The HIFEM technology in EMSCULPT Neo induces powerful muscle contractions, akin to an intense workout, stimulating muscle growth and toning. Simultaneously, the RF energy targets stubborn fat cells, aiding in their reduction and promoting a more sculpted appearance.

The Benefits of EMSCULPT Neo in Newtown, New Hope, Bucks County, Yardley, Langhorne, Levittown, PA:

  1. Localized Muscle Building: EMSCULPT Neo allows for targeted muscle building, addressing specific areas of concern and tailoring treatments to individual needs.
  2. Fat Reduction: Residents of Newtown, Bucks County, Yardley, and Levittown, PA, can benefit from EMSCULPT Neo’s fat reduction capabilities, helping eliminate stubborn pockets of fat without surgery.
  3. Convenience and Comfort: With no incisions or downtime required, EMSCULPT Neo fits seamlessly into busy lifestyles, making it an ideal choice for those in these vibrant Pennsylvania communities.
  4. Customized Treatment Plans: Whether you’re in Newtown, Bucks County, Yardley, or Levittown, PA, EMSCULPT Neo offers personalized treatment plans to help you achieve your unique body contouring goals.

EMSCULPT Neo is suitable for individuals who are looking to enhance their physique without surgery. Treatment sessions are relatively short, typically around 30 minutes, and require a series of at least four sessions for optimal results.

It is best to integrate EMSCULPT Neo into a healthy lifestyle.  Combining this cutting-edge treatment with a healthy lifestyle can amplify results. Proper nutrition and regular exercise can complement the muscle-building and fat-reducing benefits of EMSCULPT Neo.

If you’re in Newtown, New Hope, Bucks County, Yardley, Langhorne, Levittown, PA, or the surrounding area and aspire to achieve a sculpted body, EMSCULPT Neo is your key to unlocking transformative results. Embrace the latest in non-invasive body contouring technology, and sculpt your way to excellence with EMSCULPT Neo.  Schedule you complimentary consultation to get started on your journey to a more defined and confident you.


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A Work in Progress Event at Barre 3 Newtown

A Work in Progress Event at Barre3 in Newtown, PA

Did you attend a Barre3 event in Newtown and ready to redeem your complimentary dermaplane facial?  Complete the form below and we will call to schedule you ASAP!


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Welcome Dr. Meg Zakarewicz to The Well!


Fill out the form below to download your copy of Meal Prep Mastery with Dr. Meg Zakarewicz

Welcome Dr. Meg Zakarewicz to The Well!

Meg Zakarewicz is double board-certified physician of Family Medicine and Weight Management. For over ten years, she has practiced as a Family Physician before focusing towards medical weight management.

“After spending years helping patients manage chronic disease, transitioning to health promotion has been a true dream come true. My busy primary care practice did not allow the time required to help patients create the change in their lives that they desired. Transitioning into weight management and metabolic health has given me the opportunity to help my patients create real change and true lasting health.”

Read on to learn more about Dr. Meg, her experiences and education, the development of her medical weight management program, and her passion to begin practicing at The Well.

Passion for Healthy Weight Management

In 2019, Dr. Meg began developing a Medical Weight Management Practice. She engineered and implemented the weight management Program for this practice focusing on four pillars of medical weight management. The four pillars of focus include nutrition, physical activity, mindset, and medication. This program was executed with Dr. Meg’s intelligence, passion, direction and coordination, resulting in exuberant success. Thus, leading to Dr. Meg founding Collaborative Weight Loss– a comprehensive weight management solution tailored to improve metabolic efficiency and support empowered, sustainable, lifelong, weight loss.

“It has been my greatest professional joy to help patients overcome weight struggles, positively changing the course of their lives! Over 2/3 adults struggle with weight or obesity. Most weight loss strategies are designed as quick fixes that set patients up for weight regain.”

“I love educating patients on how to create meaningful change in lifestyles to lead to sustainable weight loss. Helping patients feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, learning to optimize their metabolic health, and creating lifestyles for lifelong health is the most gratifying.”

Personal + Family Life

Doctor Meg has been “married to the love of my life for over 20 years.” Together they have four children and a Pug named after Phillies All-Star 1st Baseman, Ryan Howard. In her spare time, Doctor Meg loves to attend sporting events (big Phillies Fan), and live concerts– “especially outdoor summer concerts!” She stays active through practicing yoga and running. Doctor Meg also enjoys volunteering for the Youth Ministry at her church. When asked about her favorite places to travel, Doctor Meg will quickly tell you “anywhere on the water!” But, her favorite vacation was with her family to North Captiva Island.

While Doctor Meg loves to stay active, travel, and attend events, she cannot leave the house without sunglasses and lip gloss.

We are so excited to Welcome Dr. Meg Zakarewicz to The Well Lounge team! Her Medical Weight Management program helps patients understand meaningful lifestyle changes towards improved health, sustainable weight loss, and overall wellness.

If you are interested in Doctor Meg’s medical weight management program, want to find out if you are a proper candidate, or want to stay updated with information– fill out the form below to join the waitlist!

Medical Weight Management with Dr. Meg Zakarewicz

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New Patient Experience at The Well Lounge


The Well Lounge


NEWTOWN, JANUARY 2024 — At The Well Lounge, a medical practice founded with a vision to redefine the traditional approach to aesthetics, driven by a commitment to holistic well-being– fostering a comprehensive approach designed to revitalize, rejuvenate, and inspire.

Read on below to learn more on what you can expect to experience at a consultation as a New Patient at The Well Lounge! 🌿

Welcome to The Well

Enjoy a beverage or snack and relax while Patient Care Coordinators check you in.  If not done before your arrival, you will complete your annual Patient Forms. These forms include Patient Registration, HIPPA Compliance, Office Policy, and Medical History. These are for our records and are valid for 1 year!

VISIA Skin Analysis

Our Medical Assistant will guide you through a VISIA Skin Analysis session, capturing high-resolution images, from the front + both sides, for an in-depth complexion assessment. VISIA technology analyzes your skin & provides a detailed report of your skin health. 📈

Review Medical & Aesthetic History

In the treatment room, our Medical Assistant will review your completed documents and adjust any necessary medical history. You can go over what brings you in today, utilizing our Aesthetic Interest Questionnaire. ✨

Meet Your Provider

Providers at The Well Lounge are passionate to not only hear you- but truly LISTEN to you! Openly discuss your concerns, goals, and interests. Together, you + your provider will create your personalized treatment plan— which you can take with you! 🤩

Live Confidently

Your provider will bring you to the reception to check out. They will inform Patient Care Coordinators of your next steps to Live Confidently. You can purchase Skincare, book your next appointments, and ask any last questions you may have.

Book Now!

We are SO excited to Welcome YOU to The Well! Consultations are ALWAYS Complimentary 🤩

Available to book by phone, online, or in The Well Lounge Mobile App. 📲

Patient Testimonial: Ann's Medical Weight Loss Journey at The Well Lounge


PATIENT SUCCESS STORY: Medical Weight Management

NEWTOWN, DECEMBER 2023 — The Well Lounge, proudly presents the inspiring patient success story of Ann, who shares her life-changing transformation with our Medical Weight Management programs, led by Double-Board Certified Physician, Dr. Meg Zarkarewicz.

From Uncomfortable to Confident

Just five months ago, Ann was feeling tired and uncomfortable in her own skin. When meeting The Well Lounge team, Ann felt comfortable to share her concerns while still uncertain about her goals. Ann met with Dr. Meg, whose expertise and reassurance provided Ann with the guidance she needed. Focusing on 4 pillars of health management– nutrition, physical activity, behavior and emotional well-being, and medicine– Dr. Meg empowered Ann to make significant changes in her life.

Rebalancing Diet and Emotional Well-being

Ann’s commitment to her transformation was exceptional. By reevaluating her diet, embracing physical activity such as yoga and SPENGA, began to experience positive changes to her health. Ann not only welcomed healthy habits but also welcomed positive changes to her emotional health and well-being.


Accountability: The Key to Commitment

Embracing accountability in the program marked a pivotal shift for Ann. Documenting meals through the program app allowed her to track progress. Weekly coaching sessions with Dr. Meg became crucial checkpoints while she could self-reflect on her documented habits. The shift from external accountability to powerful self-commitment, enabled Ann to make decisions for her best self, her body and her well-being.


Body in Balance

Following Ann’s completion of her medical weight loss program, Dr. Meg and Ann reviewed her progress from her initial assessment. An InBody (body composition analysis) showed Ann’s visceral fat (a crucial health risk indicator) dropped significantly. All the weight Ann lost was pure body fat, and she successfully maintained her lean muscle mass throughout her progress. This clinical data showcases the effectiveness of Dr. Meg and The Well Lounge’s holistic lifestyle approach and Medical Weight Management program success.


Sustainable Health Journey Forward

As Ann neared the end of her Medical Weight Management program with The Well Lounge, she asked “what’s next?” Dr. Meg emphasized the simplicity of the answer: continue what has worked– the sustainable, healthy changes implemented are now part of your everyday life. No wild or crazy methods, just a commitment to understanding your body’s needs.


To celebrate Ann’s success and encourage others to embark on their own transformative journey, The Well Lounge is offering a limited-time promotion. Through the month of December, we welcome you to book a FREE Health Assessment with Dr. Meg! Save $300 with code DRMEG when you book online.

During this 60-minute Health Assessment, meet with Dr. Meg, assess your health & lifestyle, review your lab work, InBody body composition analysis and together create your plan to move forward with your health goals. Together create a personalized health plan to take home with you on day one. From this assessment, you will be prepared to enroll in the Medical Weight Loss & Lifestyle program right for you.





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BOTOX DAY DIARIES : Celebrate National Botox Day 2023 at The Well Lounge


Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, The Well Lounge welcomed you to celebrate National Botox Day! 👑


Join us at The Well Lounge for a Royal Celebration of National Botox Day!

🛍️ POP-UP PRINCESS SHOPS: Variety of Local Retailers (To Be Announced SOON!)
🎈 BALLOON DART ART as seen in The Princess Diaries
EXCLUSIVE Event ONLY Promotions, Giveaways + Raffles
✨ Spin the Prize Wheel, Giveaways, & Enter to Win Sweepstakes!

Product Specials, Package Deals, & MORE! Want early access?! Stay tuned to find out how to get VIP information! Live Confidently + Be Well 🌿🤍✨

National Botox Day 2023 RSVP

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Queen of Genovia Giveaway

Nominate someone who you see in your life as an everyday Queen & they deserve to be treated like one with FREE BOTOX for 1 YEAR! Whether this Queen has a large or small Kingdom, tell us the reasons you think your Queen deserves to be gifted and what makes them so special to you. Write out your nomination reasons or upload a video explaining why your Queen should WIN!

Princess Party Giveaway

Be entered to win a Full Botox Treatment when you attend our National Botox Day Open-Palace party OR Bring a friend new to the The Well in the month of November! 

Tiara Treatment Giveaway

Be entered to win 20 Units of Botox through a giveaway on @thewell.lounge Instagram page… To be announced SOON! Follow to stay not miss out!

JUVÉDERM DAY at The Well Lounge



The First-Ever, JUVÉDERM Day is on Wednesday, August 16th! Read below for all the savings + promos available for ALLĒ Members to celebrate! 🤩💉



Buy One $75 JUVÉDERM® Collection of Fillers Gift Card, GET ONE FREE!*

*Available for purchase, while supplies last, at []. Gift Card sales begin at 12:00PM EST on Wednesday, August 16th. Will sell out fast!


AVAILABLE 08.16.23 – 08.31.23   

💉 💉 DOUBLE (2x) Allē Points when treated with 2 JUVÉDERM® Collection of Fillers syringes at an appointment**  

💉 💉 💉 TRIPLE (3x) Allē Points when treated with 3 JUVÉDERM® Collection of Fillers syringes at an appointment** 

Limited Appointments are Available, schedule now!

**Treatment must occur from August 16, 2023 through August 31, 2023 to be eligible for Points offers.



The JUVÉDERM® Collection of Fillers is a collection of hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. During treatment, a JUVÉDERM® product is injected into the treatment area by a licensed specialist using a needle or cannula. Each product in the JUVÉDERM® Collection of Fillers adds volume and is designed for different needs for different areas of the face.

Live Confidently + Be Well 🌿🤍✨

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SCULPT & SPLASH: Summer Wellness Event


SCULPT & SPLASH : Summer Wellness Event at The Well Lounge


On SATURDAY, AUGUST 5th, OPEN HOUSE from 10 AM – 2 PM 🌊🌞

Join us outside of ESCAPE Pool Resort, for a day energizing mind + body + sculpt 💙🌊

⚡️ SCULPT: EMSCULPTneo Demos on the EMSCULPT Tour Bus
🧘‍♀️ 9:30AM ALPHA Group Fitness Class with Lissy Ditcher, Energize Mind + Body
💪 FITNESS: NAC Fitness Challenges & InBody Assessments
🛍️ SIP + SHOP: Variety of Local Retailers (To Be Announced SOON!)
🎵 Live DJ to Keep you Grooving
EXCLUSIVE Event ONLY Promotions, Giveaways + Raffles


💪 EMSCULPTneo is the ONLY FDA-Approved procedure to Simultaneously Burn Fat + Build Muscle!
📅 Schedule your EMSCULPTneo Demo Appointment, Below!

WIN A $500 Well Lounge Gift Card 🤩

Entered to WIN, when you book + attend an EMSCULPTneo Demo!


🥂 Sips Sponsored by The Well Lounge
🍹​​ Specialty WELL Cocktails with Souvenir Tumbler

Purchase an EMSCULPTneo Package at the event for…


🍾 Complimentary bottle of Veuve Clicquot
⚡️ Entered to WIN FREE Treatment Package 👙 (Choice of: Additional EMSCULPTneo Treatment Area OR MORPHEUS8 Body)


✨ EXCLUSIVE Event ONLY Promotions!
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✨ Spin the Wheel Prizes, Raffles EVERY HOUR, & Enter to Win Sweepstakes!

Live Confidently + Be Well 🌿🤍✨

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Complete the form below:

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