Restore Facial Volume with Less Swelling in Horsham and Newtown, PA

Facial volume loss is a common problem with a fairly simple solution: Add volume back into the face where needed! There are many hyaluronic acid-based injectables designed for this approach, but Versa™ at Newtown, PA’s The Well Lounge is a unique option in the way it causes less swelling than other fillers.

Manufacturer Revanesse can also put a little more of the filler—about 20 percent compared to some other products—into syringes, which means Versa™ treatments can include more volume-adding benefits for patients who need more “oomph” in order to get their desired results or who are looking for cost-effective rejuvenation strategies.

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What Can Versa™ Treat?

Like all hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, Versa™ is used to reduce static wrinkles, which appear as the face naturally loses volume over time. When collagen and hyaluronic acid levels drop in the skin, creases develop as a result—especially on the lowermost third of the face.

Versa™ is FDA approved for addressing moderate to severe facial lines. One of the most common applications is minimizing nasolabial folds, which appear as parenthesis-like folds on either side of the mouth and nose.

How Does Versa™ Work?

The filler is injected midway or deep into the dermis, which is the layer of skin just below the surface. The Versa™ gel serves as a “replacement” for collagen, fat, and other volume-providing elements lost naturally to time, filling in the space left behind and creating a smoother, more even surface.

What Does a Versa™ Session Involve?

With so many fillers (and other treatment) options available, an initial consultation is a vital part of any rejuvenation plan. The visit gives patients a chance to explain their goals and ask questions, and The Well Lounge team an opportunity to assess the skin and develop a recommended course of action.

Versa™ injections do not take long, and patients generally find them to be no more uncomfortable than slight pinches to the skin. Highly qualified and experienced injectors are trained in techniques to make the process as comfortable as possible, and there are even “above and beyond” strategies for patients who want to be sure they feel as little as possible.

What Happens After a Versa™ Treatment?

The new volume will fill in folds and creases to make a visibly smoother surface right away. While there can be some side effects—including bruising, redness, and discomfort in the treatment area—Versa™ is made specifically to minimize swelling common to injectables. A clinical trial revealed that 50 percent more patients who received a comparable injectable experienced swelling when compared to Versa™. The effects can be expected to last up to a year, after which new treatments can be applied for a lasting rejuvenated look.

What Other Fillers Can Be Used for Rejuvenation at The Well Lounge?

Juvederm®, Restylane®, Belotero Balance®, and RHA® are all hyaluronic acid-based fillers that reduce lower-facial lines, and some of the injectables have other applications—such as adding mid-face volume or boosting the lips—as well. Another injectable strategy is collagen stimulation. Radiesse® and Sculptra® prompt the skin’s own collagen-creating molecules to build natural volume and restore more youthful-looking contours.

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