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Exfoliate to Address a Range of Concerns in Horsham and Newtown, PA

Acne? Sun spots? Dullness? Fine lines and wrinkles? Chemical peels at The Well Lounge, with locations in Horsham and Newtown, PA, are an excellent treatment option for addressing all of these common skin concerns and more. Chemical peels remove the outermost layers of skin, which is where pigmentation irregularities, textural problems, and more often sit. In other words, taking away the skin itself takes many problems away, too!

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What Can Chemical Peels Treat?

As a sort of “catch-all” treatment, chemical peels are ideal for women and men who have a range of cosmetic complaints, as well as those who want to generally improve the look and health of the facial skin as a whole.

Chemical exfoliation removes thin layers of tissue, as well as dead skin cells and debris that accumulate on the surface and plug pores. Opening the pores can reduce acne breakouts, as well as make the skin more receptive to serums and other hydrating and nourishing topical products. Dry skin also makes fine lines and wrinkles appear more pronounced, so removing layers of old and dead cells reduces their severity and gives the surface a smoother texture. Hyperpigmentation, which is when pigment-producing cells work overtime and create freckles or other noticeable spots, can also fade with exfoliation treatments.

In removing skin from the surface, a chemical peel not only takes away dull layers and reveals fresher layers beneath, but it also improves circulation by encouraging blood flow and prompts collagen production to make repairs. The result is a natural glow and radiance.
Chemical Peels offered at The Well Lounge.

The Well Lounge uses SkinCeuticals® peels, including:

  • Gel Peel GL (Glycolic/Lactic Acid Peel)
  • Micropeel Sensitive Skin Solution
  • Micropeel 30 Solution
  • Pigment Balancing Solution
  • Advance Corrective Peel

How Do Chemical Peels Work?

There are several types of chemical peels with varying degrees of strength, but each works the same way. First a specialized solution is spread on the surface. Chemicals in this solution penetrate the surface and work their way down. The peel is left on for a specific amount of time, then neutralized and cleaned off. The longer and stronger the peel, the more intense the treatment and dramatic the results.

The chemicals penetrating the skin cause the outermost layers to eventually flake off.

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Meet our team

Meet Our Team

We are a team of highly trained physicians, nurses, and veteran fitness specialists working together to provide a holistic health and beauty plan to help you reach your wellness goals.


What Does a Chemical Peel Session Involve?

Before choosing any chemical peel, you will first meet with a member of our team for an in-depth consultation. We will take the time to learn about your skin concerns, as well as use our VISIA skin-analysis technology to evaluate your texture and pigmentation. Equipped with the results, we can create a comprehensive skincare plan that can include chemical peels and more.

The peel itself will be applied directly to your skin, and you can rest and relax while the solution gets to work. Treatment sessions do not last long, though the specific time will depend on the peel itself.

What Happens After a Chemical Peel?

Patients will likely find that their post-treatment skin looks a bit sunburned. It may be a bit red and sensitive. Also, similar to a sunburn, it will begin to peel in the following days. This is expected—after all, it’s in the treatment name! Once the peeling stops and the skin is fully healed, the rejuvenated surface will be visible.

What Other Rejuvenating Options Does The Well Lounge Offer?

Numerous skincare treatments are available beyond chemical peels, including dermaplaning for manual exfoliation, medical-grade facials that stem from our signature DiamondGlow®, collagen-inducing microneedling, and more.

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