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With Juvéderm® at The Well Lounge, located in Horsham and Newtown, PA, you have multiple options for countering the effects of aging on your face. Volume loss over time causes numerous changes, including the formation of lines, harsher contours, and thinner lips. Juvéderm® addresses all of these and more with a simple session that can be completed in the span of a lunch break. That means you can enjoy a beautiful, more youthful look with a treatment that lets you get back to enjoying life (and your refreshed look) as soon as you’d like— and with minimal fuss.

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What Can Juvéderm® Treat?

Many signs of aging are caused by volume loss, including a gradual reduction in collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, facial fat, and even bone mass. These changes combined can cause creases to develop, skin to grow lax and sag, hollows to form, lips to thin, and more.

Juvéderm® is not a single injectable dermal filler, but a collection of fillers, each with a specific focus.

Juvéderm offered at The Well Lounge.

JUVÉDERM® Ultra and Ultra Plus

Ultra smooths moderate to severe smile lines—which look like curved parentheses next to the nose and mouth—and similar facial creases that develop over time. Results last up to a year. Ultra can also be used to add volume to thin lips. This is ideal for people whose lips have lost volume over time, as well as for those whose lips have always been naturally thin. Ultra Plus is a thicker Juvéderm® formulation designed for treating deeper and more severe facial lines.


A thicker gel designed for more dramatic contouring, VOLUMA® can add definition to the chin and cheek areas, fill in hollows, and lift skin that is sagging slightly due to volume loss. This creates a rounder apple of the cheeks, as well as reduces jowling lower down. Results can last for up to two years.


Another option for addressing parentheses lines and other facial creases, VOLLURE® lasts about 18 months.


In addition to adding volume to thin lips, VOLBELLA® can also be used to smooth the fine lines that develop around the mouth. Technically known as “perioral lines,” these winkles are also called lipstick lines. Results can last up to a year.

See the differences between neurotoxins and fillers like Juvéderm® at Newtown, PA’s The Well Lounge.
Considering neurotoxins like BOTOX® or dermal fillers like Juvéderm® at Newtown, PA’s The Well Lounge? Keep in mind that the injectables have different effects, making them highly complementary. Neurotoxins relax facial muscles to reduce frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet, while fillers are ideal for adding volume to address nasolabial folds and better define facial contours.

How Does Juvéderm® Work?

All fillers in the Juvéderm® line are made with hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar molecule found in abundance in youthful skin. Hyaluronic acid very readily binds with water, so the fact that it holds onto moisture makes it an excellent choice for anyone seeking hydration and volume.

When injected just below the skin, the hyaluronic acid-based gel pushes the surface outward to create a smoother and fuller look.

What Does a Juvéderm® Session Involve?

Anyone interested in rejuvenating their facial contours at The Well Lounge in Horsham or Newtown, PA will start with a consultation. Your injector will examine your face and the signs of aging you want addressed, then create a customized treatment plan.

All Juvéderm® injections are provided by highly trained professionals who prioritize safety, comfort, and beautiful results that look natural. Patients who have particular concerns about what the injection process will feel like can talk to us about options. Even though the treatment is very well tolerated, we have strategies for further minimizing the slight pinching discomfort of each injection.

What Happens After a Juvéderm® Treatment?

Gel injected beneath the surface makes the skin appear fuller and smoother right away. In fact, it might look a little fuller than expected at first due to some slight initial swelling caused by the Juvéderm® injection process. There may also be a little bruising, redness, and soreness. All of these side effects will resolve quickly on their own, and the new contours will be visible.

What Other Injectable Options Does The Well Lounge Offer?

Beyond Juvéderm®, The Well Lounge also provides the hyaluronic acid-based Restylane® and Belotero Balance®, as well as the collagen-stimulating Radiesse® and Sculptra®. The right filler for you will depend on your goals, the signs of aging you want to address, and other factors.

Some facial lines are caused not by volume loss, but by muscle activity. For these wrinkles, we provide BOTOX®, Dysport®, and Xeomin®.

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