Address Dynamic Wrinkles with a Unique Filler, Available in Newtown and Horsham, PA

Most fillers that use hyaluronic acid (HA) as a base are used strictly for addressing age-related facial lines known as static wrinkles. RHA® however, available at The Well Lounge with locations in Horsham and Newtown, PA is different. This collection of injectable dermal fillers is the first approved by the FDA for treating dynamic wrinkles and folds, which result from repeated muscle contractions gradually etching lines into the skin.

The difference is in how the RHA® fillers are made. The manufacturing process was designed specifically to create HA that more closely mimics the hyaluronic acid molecules found naturally in the skin. The resulting gel adapts and moves with the surrounding tissues instead of obviously standing out, making the filler appropriate for use in high-motion areas.

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What Can RHA® Treat?

Short for “Resilient Hyaluronic Acid,” the RHA® collection focuses on lines and creases that develop on the lower half of the face, such as nasolabial folds. Also known as “parenthesis lines,” these signs of aging form as volume loss pairs with thinning skin.

There are three fillers in the collection, each with a specific focus:

RHA® 2

Skin is particularly thin and active in the area around the mouth and on the lips. Wrinkles that form here tend to be thin and fine, so a “lighter” injectable is needed. Too much added volume can look unnatural, so this filler is designed to treat lines at the surface level for a delicate correction.

RHA® 3

A heavier filler, this option is intended for moderate to severe lines. Its more robust consistency is ideal for pronounced nasolabial folds, as well as downturned corners of the mouth, while still providing a natural look.

RHA® 4

The “heavy hitter” in the collection, this filler is for severe lines that require injections into deeper layers of tissue. The treatment adds more noticeable volume, but in the form of a gel that molds and moves with the rest of the lower face and jawline.

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How Does RHA® Work?

RHA® fillers are made with a special manufacturing process that is intentionally gentle. This allows the resulting hyaluronic acid gel to better resemble the molecules found naturally in the skin. When injected into the treatment area, the gel adds visible volume to minimize creases and make the surface appear smoother and fuller.

What Does an RHA® Session Involve?

All treatment plans at The Well Lounge start with a consultation to establish which approach would be best for achieving a patient’s desired results. Fillers in the RHA® collection may be used on their own or incorporated into a larger strategy to create a balanced and natural-looking effect.

Treatments are handled by experienced injectors who strive to make every patient experience both comfortable and safe as they target precise areas with ideal amounts of product. The goal is not to create a “new you,” but to revitalize your natural beauty.

The injections themselves feel like someone quickly pinching the skin, so no anesthetic is needed. However, patients who would like to ensure minimal sensation can discuss their preferences with the team ahead of time. There are strategies to maximize comfort.

What Happens After an RHA® Treatment?

Patients will be able to see the effects of RHA® filler as soon as it is injected, but some initial swelling will likely make the area look slightly more full for a short while. The swelling will go down on its own in a matter of days, as will any bruising, redness, or discomfort. Results can last up to 15 months.

What Other Injectable Fillers Are Available at The Well Lounge?

Several hyaluronic acid-based filler options can be used for facial volumizing, including Juvederm®, Restylane®, Belotero Balance®, and Versa™—all designed for addressing static wrinkles and other signs of aging-related volume loss. Radiesse® and Sculptra® can be used to stimulate natural collagen production in the face, as well as elsewhere on the body.

To address dynamic wrinkles higher on the face, such as the forehead, patients commonly choose BOTOX®, Dysport®, or Xeomin® for their muscle-relaxing properties. The result is a more youthful forehead and overall appearance.

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