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Rejuvenate with Powerful BroadBand Light (BBL) in Horsham and Newtown, PA

The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photofacial at The Well Lounge, with offices in Horsham and Newtown, PA, is a popular treatment for improving your skin’s texture, tone, and appearance. Ultraviolet energy from the sun can cause a range of cosmetic problems. These issues—including wrinkles and spots—are referred to as “photoaging” for the way sunlight makes your skin appear older. Fortunately, light of a different sort can “undo” that damage.

IPL Photofacials are powerful and effective, and The Well Lounge uses BroadBand Light (BBL) by Sciton, which is the most powerful IPL Photofacial device available. Treatments are administered by a medical aesthetician overseen by a nurse to maximize patient safety and comfort.

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What Is an IPL Photofacial?

Facials are treatments that improve the look, feel, and even health of the skin, typically with a combination of masks, peels, and other solutions applied directly to the face. An IPL Photofacial works in a similar way, but uses nothing more than light energy for rejuvenation.

Unlike a laser, which uses a single wavelength of light to target unwanted lesions and other cosmetic issues, IPL Photofacials use multiple wavelengths. This is where the “broad” in BroadBand Light comes in. The pulses of BBL are so powerful, they penetrate the surface and cause beneficial changes in the layers below.

What Can an IPL Photofacial Address?

Sciton’s BBL device used for Photofacial treatments is sometimes referred to as a “Swiss army knife” because it is useful in so many ways. IPL Photofacials can reduce acne breakouts as well as acne scarring, fade freckles and other areas of hyperpigmentation, clear redness associated with spider veins and rosacea, and remove unwanted hair. More generally, BBL can improve various signs of aging and sun damage, including rough texture, fine lines, large pores, and poor elasticity.

Patient receives a IPL treatment at The Well Lounge.

BBL Forever Bare

This is the intense pulsed light treatment designed to heat follicles evenly for hair reduction. The technology is designed to maximize results while keeping the sessions both quick and safe.

BBL Forever Clear®

As an acne treatment, this IPL Photofacial option kills the bacteria responsible for outbreaks while simultaneously stimulating skin cell regeneration. No creams or medications are needed.

BBL Forever Young

The undisputed powerhouse of the IPL Photofacial options, Forever Young treats multiple skin conditions associated with aging, active lifestyles, and sun damage.

BBL Skintyte

Results from this treatment counter the effects of gravity and time. Collagen production helps to “firm up” lax skin, especially around the jawline and on the neck.

How Does an IPL Photofacial Work?

There are two main ways BBL treatments work to improve the look and feel of the skin.

First, darker areas absorb more light energy than lighter areas. When an IPL Photofacial beams intense pulses of light into the skin, pigmented cells “collect” a significant amount of the energy, which converts to heat. This causes the concentrated pigmented cells— whether the brown of sun spots or red of visible blood vessels—to rapidly rise in temperature until they are damaged and killed.

Second, the light from BBL treatments kick-starts collagen-producing cells into action. Once they get working, they begin creating the protein molecules that help to make skin smooth, strong, and flexible. Over time, collagen levels rise and give skin a long-lasting boost.

What Does an IPL Photofacial Involve?

You may have a noticeable spot, unwanted redness, or overall dry and wrinkly skin you would like to address—and we can!—but we will start with a skin exam and analysis to determine the best treatment strategy for you. A personalized consultation allows us to hear directly from you about your concerns and recommend options that are tailored to your specific condition and needs.

Since an IPL Photofacial involves very intense pulses of light, we will give you eye protection for safety. Each pulse will feel like a warm snap on your skin in the treatment area. Most patients handle this sensation just fine, but we can discuss topical anesthetics if you have comfort concerns.

The length of the BBL session will depend on the number of treatment areas, as well as their size. More skin to work on means a longer session. Typically, treatments don’t take longer than half an hour—and some can be completed in just a few minutes.

What Happens After an IPL Photofacial Session?

Skin treated with BroadBand Light will likely appear red for a few hours after the session, and you may notice some sunburn-like symptoms over the following days. During this time, it is especially important to protect the treated area from sun exposure, because it will be particularly sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. Of course you should always wear sunscreen—at least—when you go outdoors, but be very aware of blocking UV rays that could damage any area where you had an IPL Photofacial.

Other than taking precautions against sun exposure, you can get back to your preferred activities or schedule right away. Since IPL Photofacials are noninvasive, there is no need for downtime. You can return to work, socialize, or do whatever feels most comfortable for you.

When Are Results from an IPL Photofacial Visible?

Freckles and spots often darken after an IPL Photofacial, then fade and flake away as the dead pigmented cells are sloughed off during natural skin cell turnover.

Redness and visible vessels will fade as well. This is because the BroadBand Light energy causes the thin veins to seal off, leading to their collapse and reabsorption into the body. Blood will continue to get everywhere it’s needed via other vessels in the circulatory system.

Collagen production yields more gradual effects, since it takes time for the protein levels to build up to noticeable levels in the skin. As new collagen is made, the skin will appear smoother and fuller.

Most people get their best results from multiple treatments spaced a couple of week to a month apart. Anywhere from three to seven sessions may be necessary for achieving an ideal appearance.

How Long Do IPL Photofacial Results Last?

Spots, redness, and similar cosmetic issues that fade away after a BBL session should be gone for good. It is possible for new pigmentation problems or visible veins to develop—especially with sun exposure and time—but these can also be successfully treated.

Restored collagen provides long-lasting volume and structure. Expect months or more of rejuvenated skin. Collagen eventually breaks down, and the cells that replace it slow over time.

After getting your desired results from an IPL Photofacial, you can schedule one or two maintenance visits a year to preserve your more youthful appearance and smooth, clear complexion.

How Much Will an IPL Photofacial Cost?

Pricing for BBL sessions depends on how many areas are being treated and how large the areas are. Specific costs will be discussed during your consultation, when we can discuss the overall plan designed to give you the results you are seeking.

What Else Can Light Be Used for at The Well Lounge?

Venus Versa is another IPL Photofacial option for correcting skin imperfections. HALO fractional laser treatments resurface the skin, using focused light for more targeted and dramatic results, as well as improved overall radiance. MicroTyte treatments blend healing infrared light with microneedling to reduce laxity.

Talk to us to discover which treatment would be best for you!

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