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Acne may be the most common skin condition in the world, but that doesn’t make it any less of an unwelcome problem for people dealing with plugged pores and pimples. Laser acne and acne scar treatments at The Well Lounge, with offices in Newtown and Horsham, PA,  can help by addressing every part of the issue: reducing outbreaks in the first place, resolving active breakouts for clearer skin, and fading acne scars left behind as signs of previous breakouts.

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What Causes Acne?

There are many types of acne, ranging from occasional minor annoyances to chronic deep and painful cysts. They all start the same way: with a plugged follicle. Each follicle has an opening in the skin known as a pore. When these pores get gummed up with dead skin cells, oil, and debris, bacteria can be trapped inside. If the bacteria get enough to eat, they can multiply, triggering a body response that sends white blood cells to fight the invaders.

Dead cells and bacteria eventually begin to push outward, causing bumps that can be both felt and seen. Some bumps open to the air, while others remain closed. While there are different names for specific types of bumps, most people call them all pimples.

Follicles filled with warring bacteria and white blood cells can rupture, especially if they are harmed by someone squeezing or picking at them. This spreads the problem into the surrounding tissue and can lead to the development of cysts and nodules. Since these lesions extend deep into the skin, they can leave lasting acne scars. Treatments are available to minimize these signs of past breakouts, but many people prefer to prevent them in the first place, if possible.

How Do Acne Scar Treatments Work?

For patients whose condition progressed to the point of acne scars, treatments are available to reduce the severity of the marks, as well as encourage new and healthy skin to replace the scar tissue.

HALO skin resurfacing is an especially effective acne scar treatment, working two ways. While some acne scar treatments take a top-down approach, the laser energy from a HALO session targets the treatment area from above and below. Focused beams of light vaporize small areas of the scar tissue, encouraging the skin’s natural healing abilities. The light also prompts collagen-producing cells to begin working below the surface. Together, the influx of fresh and healthy collagen improves the look and feel of the skin.

The Well Lounge team also uses microneedling to minimize acne scars. The basic premise is the same, except instead of using laser energy, the device uses fine needles to create channels that penetrate the scar and prompt new collagen production. This acne scar treatment is effective and can be combined with other options.

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Meet Our Team

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What Does an Acne or Acne Scar Treatment Involve?

A member of The Well Lounge team first meets with any patient seeking services in order to examine the skin and get a clear idea of what the issue is. Patients who want help with acne or who are seeking acne scar treatments can explain their concerns and goals. We will then develop a customized plan that includes the best treatment for acne spots we offer.

All light treatments—to address both acne and acne scars—involve generating heat in the skin. Patients will feel a warming sensation accompanied by snaps or zaps. We have strategies and options for making the process as comfortable as possible.

Sessions can last for about 15 minutes to half an hour or longer, depending on the size of the treatment area and extent of the procedure.

What Happens After an Acne or Acne Scar Treatment?

Following an acne treatment, the bacteria will die off and inflammation will resolve. After pimples and other lesions heal, the skin should remain clearer, with fewer future breakouts. Many people find that maintenance sessions are ideal for preserving smooth and clear skin.

Acne scar treatments result in more gradual changes. Acne marks left by prior outbreaks will fade as collagen production increases and the protein rebuilds smoother skin in the targeted areas.

Can Lasers Be Used for More at The Well Lounge?

In addition to acne scar treatments and skin resurfacing, focused light is also used for laser hair removal. Discover everything we can do with energy to improve your skin at The Well Lounge.

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