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Get Ready for Smoother Skin with No Shaving or Waxing from Forever Bare™ BBL in Newtown, PA

The problem with unwanted hair is not just that it keeps coming back, but that it comes back so quickly! Laser light is an effective solution, but we offer something just as effective—but easier on your skin—than laser hair removal in Newtown, PA. Anyone who wants a smoother face or body, but who is tired of the constant repetition required by shaving or the pain of frequent waxing, can try Forever Bare™ BBL. This advanced broadband light-based treatment is designed to target follicles and shut them down for long-lasting results.

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Contact The Well Lounge today for Forever Bare® BBL and learn more about its advantages over laser hair removal in Newtown, PA. Request a consultation online, or call 215-360-3940.


What Can Forever Bare™ BBL Treat?

Unwanted hair can grow just about anywhere, whether it’s a constantly fuzzy upper lip, a bikini line you want as smooth as possible, or an entire back. Forever Bare™ BBL can be used on the face, neck, body, arms, legs, hands, and feet. Basically, if you don’t want hair there, we can work with you to remove it.

How Does Forever Bare™ BBL Work?

Want to understand Forever Bare™ BBL, as well as how it differs from shaving and laser hair removal? First, take a look at how hairs grow. Each hair emerges from a follicle, which is a small pocket in the skin that holds the root. A hair has a lifespan, getting longer for a certain amount of time before the follicle enters a rest period, kicks the old hair out, and begins growing a new hair in its place.

Treatments like laser hair removal and BBL work by targeting the hair at its root, where pigmented cells give the hair its color. The darker the cell is compared to the surrounding tissue, the more light energy it absorbs from BBL or laser hair removal treatments. As the pigmented cells absorb the light, they heat up. The heat quickly gets so intense, that the high temperature physically damages the follicle. The hair ultimately falls out, but no process to replace it starts anytime soon.

BBL and laser hair removal treatments are very effective, but they only work on follicles in an active growing phase, not resting. For this reason, multiple sessions will be required—all spaced out in order to catch as many active follicles as possible during the treatment.

Because Forever Bare™ BBL depends on delivering heat to darker-pigmented cells, avoid tanning in the days and weeks before a session. The greater the contrast between the cells in the follicle and the lighter cells in the surrounding skin, the more effective the treatment will be. Also, refrain from plucking or waxing prior to a session, since mechanically pulling a hair out can damage the follicle in a way that makes the treatment less effective.

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Don′t just search "laser hair removal near me." Newtown, PA-area women and men– including Warrington, Chalfont, Warminster, Doylestown, all of Bucks County, and even Mercer County, NJ–can call The Well Lounge for Forever Bare® BBL at 215-360-3940 or request a consultation online.


What Does a Forever Bare™ BBL Session Involve?

A medical technician overseen by a registered nurse will perform your hair removal treatment at The Well Lounge in Newtown, but not before starting with a consultation to learn your cosmetic goals, examine the area or areas you want to be hair-free, determine your skin type, and answer any questions you may have about BBL and how it compares to waxing, shaving, or laser hair removal.

While laser hair removal hits the skin with a single wavelength of light to heat up follicles, Forever Bare™ BBL uses multiple wavelengths from across the spectrum. This is where the “broadband” in BBL comes from. The effect is more powerful than IPL, but gentler on your skin than laser hair removal treatments.

The Forever Bare™ device is especially advanced, delivering lower radiant energy based on the surface area in the treatment zone, but at very fast repetitions. This results in a more even, comfortable, safe, and quick treatment session, coupled with movement technology that further improves the results.

Also, unlike some laser hair removal and similar devices, Forever Bare™ BBL has a sapphire plate that continuously cools the surface of the skin throughout the treatment session. Since the light generates considerable heat in order to shut down follicles, the ongoing cooling greatly improves patient comfort.

The treatment time depends on the size of the treatment area. A full face takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, while a larger area of the body, such as the chest or the back, will take longer.

What Happens After a Forever Bare™ BBL Session?

Women and men who choose broadband light-based hair removal can resume their typical daily activities right away, although we do strongly encourage staying out of the sun as much as possible and wearing sunscreen—especially on the treated areas—when venturing outdoors is a must. Light-treated skin is very sensitive to ultraviolet radiation and can be damaged by exposure.

The treated area will have a sunburn-like look and feet after a session. The redness, minor swelling, and sensitivity will resolve on its own, and the hairs will fall out in the coming days and weeks.

How Long Do the Results from Forever Bare™ BBL Last?

Follicles damaged by the light energy stop producing hairs for a significant amount of time. Many people go from shaving every other day, periodic plucking, and frequent waxing appointments to enjoying months to many years of smooth, hair-free skin.

New hairs may eventually grow from the treated follicles, but they will likely appear and feel different from the original hairs that grew in the area. Post-light-treatment hairs tend to be finer, lighter in color, and softer in texture. Talk to our team of medical aestheticians about what to expect, as well as what you can do to maintain a beautifully bare look.

How Much Will Forever Bare™ BBL Hair Removal Cost?

Treatment pricing will depend on multiple factors, including the size of the area being treated, as well as how many areas will need treatment. Discussions of cost and other details are best handled at the consultation with the medical technician.

What Other Light Treatments Does The Well Lounge Offer?

The Well Lounge’s BBL options are effective for a range of uses, including IPL to correct sun damage and signs of aging, skin resurfacing, acne and scar treatments, and more.

Light-based treatments can also be paired with injectables to handle several types of cosmetic issues at once. BOTOX® and Dysport® are ideal for smoothing motion-related lines on the face, while Juvéderm® and Restylane® work to add volume in areas that have developed creases or deflated due to lost fat, collagen, and elastin.

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Schedule your consultation at The Well Lounge and learn more about Forever Bare® BBL vs. laser hair removal for Newtown, Warrington, Chalfont, Warminster, Doylestown, all of Bucks County, PA, and Mercer County, NJ. Request a consultation online, or call us at 215-360-3940.

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