VISIA® Skin Analysis

Get a Clear Picture of Your Skin’s Needs at Newtown’s The Well Lounge

At The Well Lounge, we don’t make a guess as to what would be best for your skin. We use VISIA® skin analysis to give Newtown-area women and men an accurate and thorough look at the condition of their complexion, pores, and more. The VISIA® technology allows us to look below the surface to assess and analyze both visible and invisible sun damage, inflammation, and more. The result is a remarkably detailed portrait of your skin health—which allows us to tailor a highly customized and effective treatment plan!

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What Does VISIA® Skin Analysis Do?

The VISIA® skin analysis system uses several different types of light technology to measure and record conditions on the surface of the skin and in layers below. The device also focuses on two separate color signatures—red and brown—to minutely visualize where color is concentrated. This allows us to detect conditions that cause pigmented lesions (such as “sun spots” where melanin appears in high concentrations) and visible vessels (such as spider veins, where the red of hemoglobin in blood is easily seen).

Equipped with this knowledge, we can recommend extremely personalized skincare treatments at The Well Lounge, as well as give advice for products and strategies to use at home as part of a daily skincare routine.

What Does VISIA® Skin Analysis Help to Treat?

We can use skin analysis to visualize and better treat:

  • Brown and red marks that stand out on the skin
  • Decreasing skin elasticity associated with wrinkles and creases
  • Variations in the height of the skin’s surface
  • Enlarged pores, which stand out due to shadowing
  • Areas where subsurface melanin has absorbed UV radiation
  • Inflammation
  • Spider veins
  • Pore-clogging bacterial excretions
Visia Skin Analysis provides a comprehensive health check of your skin.

Is VISIA® Skin Analysis a Treatment?

The skin analysis is not a treatment itself, but a tool that allows us to better treat you. The information it provides can guide us toward recommending specific approaches, devices, or products, as well as in customizing facials to maximize results.

What Is the VISIA® Skin Analysis Experience?

A skin analysis session is quick and entirely contact-free. The device rotates around your face, capturing views from the front and both sides. The resulting images are then rapidly processed digitally, and can be overlayed with various fields showing where problem spots have developed.

Following a review of the facial images, we will discuss your options with you, as well as answer questions you have about the information from the analysis and available treatments.

What Post-Analysis Treatments Are Available?

Patients are free to choose from our menu of services, which includes injectable wrinkle relaxers like BOTOX®, fillers like Juvederm® and Restylane®, collagen stimulators like Sculptra® and Radiesse®, exfoliators like dermaplaning and chemical peels, and more. There are also light and energy treatments, such as IPL and HALO® laser resurfacing.

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