Double Down on Collagen-Induction Treatments for Faster Results in Newtown, PA

Collagen loss is a steady contributor to many signs of aging, typically starting in a person’s early 20s. Strategies for replacing that lost collagen give noticeable though gradual results—but with MicroTyte at Newtown’s The Well Lounge, collagen-restoring effects can be seen more quickly. The treatment combines microneedling with SkinTyte, a device that sends infrared light into the skin to initiate internal healing. Pairing the two procedures doubles the collagen-kickstarting and skin-tightening benefits.

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What Can MicroTyte Treat?

Collagen renewal is ideal for addressing many cosmetic problems, including acne scars, stretch marks, enlarged pores, and wrinkles. MicroTyte excels at correcting mild laxity, which can cause everything from crepey skin to facial creases to sagging.

Tissues pulled downward by gravity contribute to the look of jowls and “turkey neck.” Firming up these areas can improve definition and create a more youthful profile.

How Does MicroTyte Work?

The “Micro” part of this treatment refers to microneedling. A provider will use a specialized device for part of the session, carefully directing tiny needles to create channels in the skin. Each channel induces natural collagen production below the surface.

The “Tyte” part of this treatment refers to SkinTyte, an infrared device that beams light energy into the skin to partially coagulate the collagen there, allowing it to smooth out to a more even level. The energy also causes contraction, which pulls the tissues tighter. Finally, like the needles, it encourages collagen production of its own.

What Does MicroTyte Involve?

First comes a consultation that allows a member of The Well Lounge team to evaluate your skin and explore possible treatment options with you.

The MicroTyte treatment involves both fine needles and intense light energy entering your skin.

The size of the needles and the way the device moves quickly over the skin together allow it to be a very well-tolerated treatment. Topical medications are available to reduce sensation for patients who desire even more comfort.

The SkinTyte device is equipped with a sophisticated cooling system that keeps the surface of the skin at a comfortable temperature, even as the tissues below heat up.

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Meet Our Team

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What Happens After a MicroTyte Treatment?

Collagen production takes time, which is an advantage of the MicroTyte approach. By contracting and coagulating existing collagen, as well as prompting new collagen production in two different ways, the process speeds up so that results are noticeable in less time. Expect to see some initial redness and swelling in the treatment area, followed soon by firmer, plumper, smoother, and tighter skin. Somewhere between three to six treatments will be necessary in order to get the most ideal results.

Because infrared light makes skin sensitive, be sure to protect it from ultraviolet radiation in the days after a MicroTyte treatment session. Getting a burn—or even just being in the sun for a while—can cause damage and less-than-desirable results.

What Else Encourages Collagen Production at The Well Lounge?

Any exfoliating treatment—including dermaplaning, DiamondGlow® and medical grade facials, chemical peels, and even lasers like HALO® for resurfacing—will trigger a healing process that includes collagen production. Contact The Well Lounge to learn the best strategy for you.

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