Armpit BOTOX®

Injectable Treatments for Excessive Underarm Sweating in Newtown, PA

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes you to sweat abnormally and excessively. This type of sweating isn’t usually related to heat or exercise and may even occur randomly. The armpits are one of the most affected areas, and it can be frustrating having to constantly manage damp clothing or wetness on the skin. Body odor, itching, and irritation may also occur. Armpit BOTOX® at Newtown, PA’s The Well Lounge—or BOTOX® for hyperhidrosis—can reduce this underarm sweating and the associated problems.

Underarm BOTOX® can improve your quality of life and can be a more effective option if other treatments, such as prescription antiperspirants, haven’t been effective for you.

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How Does Armpit BOTOX® Work?

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes sweat glands to become overactive. Armpit BOTOX® is an injectable neuromodulator treatment that can help patients manage the symptoms associated with hyperhidrosis. The injections contain a protein called botulinum toxin type A. Armpit BOTOX® is a simple procedure in which the product is injected directly into the underarms to target the overactive glands there. Treatments can also work to curb typical sweating.

How much does armpit BOTOX® cost? Contact us you’re interested in armpit BOTOX® so that we can explain more about the procedure and cost of BOTOX® hyperhidrosis treatments.

Armpit BOTOX®: Where on the Body Can BOTOX® Be Injected for Sweating?

Aside from armpit BOTOX® for underarm sweating, the medications can also be injected into other areas of the body where you commonly sweat, such as BOTOX® for hyperhidrosis for hands or palm sweating, which is known as palmar hyperhidrosis.

What Is the Aftercare for Armpit BOTOX®?

Proper aftercare for armpit BOTOX® is essential to ensure the best results and minimize any potential discomfort. After an armpit BOTOX® treatment, it’s important to follow a few key steps to optimize the outcomes and maintain your comfort. You will need to avoid applying deodorant or products containing perfume to the underarm area for the first 12 to 24 hours to prevent irritation.

You can return to your normal activities right away, and you will begin to notice improvements within just a few days, but it may take up to a few weeks for the full effects of this treatment to show.

Since the effects of armpit BOTOX® are temporary, you will eventually need to have touch-up treatments.

Which Treatments Are Available Other than Armpit BOTOX®?

BOTOX® is mainly used to soften wrinkles in the upper third of the face, but it can also improve the look of other areas. There are many treatments in addition to underarm BOTOX®:

Which Neuromodulators are Available at The Well Lounge Aside from Underarm BOTOX®?

Looking for more than “BOTOX® near me?” There are several other types of botulinum toxin type A injectables or neuromodulators offered at The Well Lounge, including Xeomin®, Dysport®, and Daxxify. Talk to our team to determine which is best for you.

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Looking for “BOTOX® near me?” To learn about underarm BOTOX® prices and get further details about armpit BOTOX®, contact Newtown, PA′s The Well Lounge, serving Warrington, Chalfont, Warminster, Doylestown, all of Bucks County, and Mercer County, NJ. Submit a contact form online to request a consultation or call us at 215-360-3940.


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