BOTOX® for Smile Lines

Injections to Lift Downturned Corners of the Mouth in Newtown, PA

Nasolabial folds, also known as smile lines or laugh lines, are symmetrical or asymmetrical creases that extend from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. They tend to show most often when you’re laughing or smiling, but then disappear when your face relaxes. Almost everyone naturally has these lines from childhood, but they typically become more pronounced as you age due to time and cumulative sun exposure. Smile lines can also form around the eyes. BOTOX® for smile lines at Newtown, PA’s The Well Lounge—also known as a BOTOX® smile lift or downturned smile BOTOX®—is an injectable treatment that relaxes some of the facial muscles responsible for nasolabial folds to reduce their appearance.

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How Does BOTOX® for Smile Lines Around the Mouth Work?

BOTOX® for smile lines is an injectable, minimally invasive treatment containing botulinum toxin that temporarily relaxes certain facial muscles by blocking the nerve signals that trigger muscle contractions. By doing so, BOTOX® for smile lines softens these wrinkles for several months. Small amounts can quickly be injected around the mouth for beautiful results.

The medication is commonly injected into the depressor anguli oris muscle that pulls the corners of the mouth downward. By allowing the muscles to stay relaxed, BOTOX® for smile lines elevates the sides of the mouth.

Searching for “BOTOX® and fillers near me?” Contact us for more advice on the cost of BOTOX® and other details, such as how to avoid side effects like droopy eyelid from BOTOX®.

Should You Get BOTOX® or Filler for Smile Lines?

BOTOX® typically works well for wrinkles around the eyes, but may not be effective on wrinkles at the sides of the mouth. Rather than using BOTOX® for smile lines—which primarily relaxes muscles—smile lines are typically addressed with dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid. These fillers are injected beneath the skin, where they plump the area, reducing the depth and visibility of unwanted lines. This method smooths the skin and provides a more youthful appearance by restoring lost volume. Some fillers can also stimulate natural collagen production. Fillers add structure and fullness to the face, while wrinkle-relaxers create a smoother surface. Some people benefit from combining BOTOX® and fillers for smile lines.

Beyond BOTOX® for Smile Lines: What Else Can BOTOX® Do?

In addition to BOTOX® for smile lines and marionette lines, this injectable is used to treat many other conditions, including BOTOX® for frown lines, BOTOX® for crow’s feet, BOTOX® brow lift to provide a subtle lift to the eyebrows, BOTOX® for under eyes to reduce wrinkles and muscles protruding below the eyes, masseter BOTOX® to improve the shape of the jawline, BOTOX® for migraines, and BOTOX® for sweating.

What Is Available at The Well Lounge Beyond BOTOX® for Smile Lines?

Along with BOTOX® for smile lines and other facial wrinkles, we provide other types of botulinum toxin injections: Xeomin®, Dysport® and Daxxify. These work similarly by relaxing muscles to address wrinkles or other signs of aging. We also offer other types of facial rejuvenation options such as hyaluronic acid dermal fillers like Juvéderm® that add volume to soften wrinkles.

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