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Reshape Your Jaw with Face-Slimming Injections in Newtown, PA

Sometimes the masseter muscles—which are located near the cheekbones—can cause the face to develop a square shape, especially if they become increasingly developed. Although BOTOX® is well known for its ability to soften facial wrinkles, it can also slim the jawline for people who have certain face shapes. A well-defined jawline can provide the structure your face needs to look healthy and strong, but even if you are young or at your ideal weight, it may not be easy to get the sculpted appearance you want. Masseter BOTOX® from Newtown, PA’s The Well Lounge is a safe, minimally invasive injectable treatment that can enhance your face shape—and also help to reduce pain in the jaw area.

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What Is Masseter BOTOX®?

Although BOTOX® is commonly used for reducing wrinkles—especially those in the upper third of the face that are associated with habitual facial expressions—masseter slimming BOTOX® is another common treatment.

BOTOX® is an injectable muscle relaxer that contains botulinum toxin as its main active ingredient. BOTOX® used on masseter muscles, which help you chew and connect the cheekbones to the lower jawbone, has a slimming effect that reduces the heavy-set jaw that can develop when the masseter muscle is larger than normal.

When the muscle overacts due to excessive clenching, it will get bigger—just like any other muscle on the body. As the masseter muscle increases in size, the change can lead to the appearance of a wide or bulky jawline.

Masseter BOTOX® works by blocking nerve signals to prevent these muscles from moving as much, avoiding the increase in bulk and “squarishness.” BOTOX® for masseter reduction is commonly used to reshape the face and sculpt a more V-shaped, slimmer, or oval appearance.

A quick search for “BOTOX® near me” will bring up results showing many local practices, but it’s important to choose an injector who can deliver safe, effective results—especially for “off label” uses. Our highly experienced team at The Well Lounge provides a caring, comprehensive, and personalized approach to this treatment. The cost of BOTOX® is another factor to consider, which is why we will explain more about pricing and other details during your consultation.

What Is Masseter BOTOX® for TMJ Treatment?

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are health conditions that affect the jaw area. They can cause symptoms such as tenderness on the joint area, facial pain, and difficulty moving the joint. If you clench or grind your teeth a lot, the masseter muscle may become very tight. Masseter BOTOX® injections for TMJ help to reduce tension and provide relief for pain.

Masseter BOTOX® for TMJ can also improve headaches associated with teeth grinding and reduce lockjaw from severe stress.

Is Masseter BOTOX® for Sagging Jowls Effective?

As we age, the lower parts of the cheek often become looser, fleshier, and droopier. BOTOX® can improve this problem by relaxing the muscles that pull the jaw down. Although injectables won’t remove the loose skin, a “Nefertiti lift” with botulinum toxin has a temporary rejuvenating and uplifting effect on the jawline and neck below, creating a more elegant appearance.

What Does Masseter BOTOX® Involve?

The process for masseter BOTOX® or masseter slimming injections is simple and will feel similar to BOTOX® used for facial wrinkles. Jawline BOTOX® takes only a few minutes to be completed and involves a series of injections into specific muscles on either side of the jawline. The jaw slimming injections for masseter muscle reduction with BOTOX® will relax and weaken this muscle, but won’t have any effect on a patient’s ability to chew.

What Can You Expect After a Masseter BOTOX® Treatment?

The effects of masseter BOTOX® typically begin to show within 10 to 14 days, and results are very long-lasting. On average, the treatment begins to wear off after three to four months.

Which Treatments Are Available for Enhancing the Jawline Aside from Masseter BOTOX® at The Well Lounge?

BOTOX® has many other medical and aesthetic uses. These include BOTOX® for sweating to reduce excessive perspiration, BOTOX® for migraines to provide relief for pain, BOTOX® brow lift to achieve more youthful and lifted eyebrows, BOTOX® for frown lines to soften the lines between the eyebrows, droopy eyelid BOTOX® to counteract relaxation of eyebrow muscles, BOTOX® for under eyes to shrink wrinkles in this area, BOTOX® for smile lines to turn up the corners of the mouth and improve the smile, injections to reduce marionette lines below the mouth, and BOTOX® for crow’s feet to minimize crinkles at the corners of the eyes.

The Well Lounge also offers other treatments that can help reshape the lower face in addition to masseter BOTOX®. Kybella® is an injectable containing a chemical that reduces double chin fat for a sleeker, more sculpted jawline area and a more distinct separation between the neck and jawline. While some patients want to achieve a softer, more V-shaped jawline, others want to create a sharper, more structured appearance.

If a recessed chin or weak jawbone structure is preventing you from achieving the jawline you want, Volux is a dense hyaluronic acid filler that is placed on the jawline and acts as a cosmetic replacement for bone to strengthen the jaw area. Radiesse® is a collagen stimulating injectable that can improve moderate to severe loss of jawline contour. We can help you to decide which option is best for you!

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