What Are the Best Fall Laser Treatments?

When it comes to reducing scars and addressing an uneven skin tone and texture, laser skin resurfacing is often the most effective technique to achieve beautiful results in a way that wouldn’t be possible with topical products or other at-home treatments. Fall is “Laser Season”—the time of year when many patients take advantage of shorter days with less sunlight and cooler weather to have energy-based treatments. Laser treatments make the skin more sensitive to sunlight and more likely to develop hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure, so patients are encouraged to limit sun exposure before and after these treatments. The cooler and darker months of the year make it much easier to avoid sun exposure because we spend more time indoors or bundled up in heavier clothes, don’t engage in outdoor activities as much, and sun exposure isn’t as intense. Furthermore, you can enhance the appearance of your skin in time for the upcoming holiday season, while undoing damage sustained during the summer. Here is the best laser treatments for fall that our Newtown, PA-based patients should know about, along with a light-based option.

HALO Laser Resurfacing

HALO laser resurfacing uses a fractional laser, meaning that the light it produces to penetrate the skin is divided up into a grid pattern. This results in a matching grid of tiny columns made in this skin, each leaving some of the surrounding skin intact. This technique speeds up the healing process so that there is less downtime compared to ablative laser treatments, which fully remove the outermost layer of the skin. This laser also remodels the existing collagen in the skin and stimulates increased collagen growth for a smoother, plumper look.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL is not a laser, although many people confuse the two treatments. It stands for “intense pulsed light,” and it uses multiple wavelengths to target similar imperfections as are treated with laser skin resurfacing. IPL, however, is a gentler option that gives off multiple pulses of light instead of a concentrated beam. This approach is ideal for reducing brown spots, vascular lesions, and other pigmentation irregularities—all of which can be attributed to sun damage.

Want to know more about the best laser and light treatments available for fall? Contact The Well Lounge to get more information about our laser and light-based options. Call us at 215-360-3940 or fill out a contact form to schedule a consultation and discuss skin rejuvenation strategies.

Laser Treatment Bucks County

Lasers & Morpheus Packages



Learn more about the HALO, hybrid fractional laser here.
Face, Neck & Dec Package – Save over $700+
  • One day treatment, $2450
  • Includes Complimentary SkinCeuticals Post-Ablative Laser System ($309 value)
  • Includes Complimentary Dermaplane

Face Only – Save $400+

  • One day treatment, $1800
  • Includes Z.O. GSR Kit and SkinCeuticals Hydra Balm
  • Includes Complimentary Dermaplane


  • $1000 HALO when you add to the Mini, Midi, Maxi and the Most Liquid FaceLift
  • Liquid Facelifts include Injectable Kits ($190 Value)
  • Includes Complimentary Dermaplane


MORPHEUS FACE (3) – Save $600

  • $2400 for three treatments
  • Includes Biocellulose Mask and SkinCeuticals Phyto-Corrective Mist

MORPHEUS GOLD ADD ON (3) – Save $800

  • $900 for three treatments, Total $3300
  • Add PRF serum onto your morpheus for each of your treatments
  • (Single Session Gold Add On $600)


  • $2400 for three treatments
  • Buy the eyes, get lip lines for free (lipstick lines around the mouth)
  • Includes PRF serum
  • Includes Z.O. Eye Growth Factor ($125 Value)

BBL/IPL Laser ADD ON (3) – Save $600

      • $600 for three treatments
      • Add a BBL/IPL Laser treatment before your MORPHEUS to treat broken capillaries, reds and brown spots before your MORPHEUS treatment begins


PRF, Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is a newer, improved version of platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

PRF UNDER EYES (3) – Save $300

    • $1500 for three treatments
    • Single Session ($600)
  • PRF Microneedling (3) – Save $300
    • $2349 for three treatments
    • Single Add On $600
  • PRF UNDER EYES & PRF Microneedling (3) – Save $849
    • $3000 for three treatments of each
    • Same Day Treatments

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