BOTOX® Brow Lift

Elevate Your Eyebrows to Lift Hooded Eyelids and Brighten Your Eyes in Newtown, PA

The thin, delicate skin around the eyes is prone to wrinkling and growing lax as we age. Sagging and puffiness in this area can make the eyes appear smaller. A BOTOX® brow lift at Newtown, PA’s The Well Lounge—also referred to as “Browtox”—can help to address this by lifting droopy eyebrows, correcting uneven brows, and providing smoother skin around the eye area.

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What Is a BOTOX® Brow Lift?

BOTOX® is a neuromodulator that contains botulinum toxin type A as its primary active ingredient. A BOTOX® brow lift can reduce wrinkles that form between the brows while also elevating the height of the eyebrows to make the eyes look brighter and more open. The brow BOTOX® treatment works by relaxing the muscles around the eyebrows. The relatively quick and easy BOTOX® brow lift for hooded eyes includes multiple small injections along the lower forehead area to relax the contracting muscles, which can lift the eyebrows slightly and open the eyes to brighten them significantly. This is a low-risk procedure with minimal downtime.

Looking for, “BOTOX® brow lift near me?” Contact us for more information about the injectable, the cost of BOTOX® for brows, and other facial treatments.

How Does a BOTOX® Brow Lift Compare to a Surgical Brow Lift?

Unlike a BOTOX® brow lift, which is a minimally invasive injectable procedure, a surgical brow lift is a surgery that requires more preparation and recovery time.

Who Is a Candidate for BOTOX® Brow Lift?

A BOTOX® brow lift or BOTOX® for droopy brows is intended for patients over the age of 18. Beyond that, almost anyone can be a good candidate. If your eye cream isn’t enough to smooth and firm the eye area, you may be eligible for a BOTOX® brow lift. The treatment works best for mild cases of hooded eyelids on younger patients. If you are thinking of having a surgical brow lift but are unsure whether you’re ready for invasive cosmetic surgery, you may be a good candidate for a BOTOX® eyebrow lift, which is a temporary treatment with minimal aftercare.

Beyond BOTOX® Brow Lift: Which Other BOTOX® Treatments Are Available?

A BOTOX® brow lift and droopy eyelid BOTOX® are popular options for adding a subtle lift to the eyebrows, but there are also many other types of BOTOX® treatments. BOTOX® for frown lines, BOTOX® for crow’s feet or smile lines, and BOTOX® for under eyes help to reduce wrinkles on the upper third of the face. BOTOX® for smile lines improves downturned mouth corners, marionette lines can be softened, and masseter BOTOX® reduces enlarged jaw muscles to sculpt a slimmer lower face. BOTOX® for sweating reduces excessive perspiration on various areas of the body for patients who suffer from hyperhidrosis, and BOTOX® for migraines provides relief for patients who suffer from chronic headaches.

BOTOX® Brow Lift: Which Other Cosmetic Procedures Are Available?

The Well Lounge also provides other types of botulinum toxin type A wrinkle relaxers—Xeomin®, Dysport® and Daxxify—which work similarly to BOTOX®.

Dermal fillers like Juvéderm® (which contain hyaluronic acid) and biostimulatory fillers like Sculptra® can help to reduce static wrinkles associated with collagen loss and improve facial contours.

Skin treatments such as dermaplaning, microneedling, and chemical peels are effective on other types of skin texture and tone irregularities. We can help you choose which is the right treatment—or combination of treatments—for you!

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Searching for “BOTOX® near me?” For more advice about BOTOX® brow lift, contact Newtown, PA′s The Well Lounge, serving Warrington, Chalfont, Warminster, Doylestown, all of Bucks County, and Mercer County, NJ. Submit a contact form online to request a consultation or call us at 215-360-3940.


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