Can cosmetic treatments help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions? Our Newtown, PA-based team at The Well Lounge says yes!

Body contouring treatments in particular can be very helpful for patients who want slimmer, more streamlined body contours, but who have been struggling to tone up certain areas where resistant fat won’t budge. Sometimes, even if we lose weight all over, it can be difficult to slim down specific areas where we are naturally prone to storing more fat. The way our body fat is distributed is mostly determined by genetics and other factors we can’t control. When we lose weight, for example, we can’t decide where it comes from—and there’s no way to “spot reduce” fat via diet and exercise. Still, some people would like to slim down isolated areas.

Cosmetic treatments can help you target these isolated spots on the body to enhance your overall shape. Additionally, these procedures can be helpful for those who have difficulty building muscle definition due to hormones and genetics. Emsculpt Neo is a non-invasive option that provides simultaneous fat reduction and muscle building.

Here are some of the ways that body contouring treatments with this device can help you achieve your goals for the upcoming year:

Reduce Stubborn Fat

Many New Year’s resolutions center on health and fitness. Cosmetic treatments complement a healthy lifestyle. Emsculpt Neo can minimize resistant accumulations of fat on certain areas without the need for surgery or downtime. Your normal activities can be resumed right away afterward, and the side effects usually resolve on their own within one day.

Motivation to Charge Forward

Lots of people will consider cosmetic procedures at the start of a new year as way of improving their self-esteem and outlook. Did you know that cosmetic treatments can have some psychological benefits as well? When we think that we look our best, we tend to perform better at work or in other situations. In combination with a healthy lifestyle, body contouring procedures can help you get into great physical shape by creating a positive feedback loop that leads to future improvements.

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