5 MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS of Whole Body Cryotherapy at The Well Lounge, Newtown, PA

5 MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS of Whole Body Cryotherapy at The Well Lounge, Newtown, PA

Explore how Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) at The Well Lounge can enhance your mental health by improving mood, reducing anxiety and depression symptoms, promoting better sleep, and relieving stress. Our best-in-class facilities and professional wellness coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal mental wellness through this holistic treatment. Here are 5 benefits to how cryotherapy at The Well Lounge can enhance your mental health…

1. Mood Enhancement – FEELIN’ GOOD

One of the most immediate and noticeable benefits of cryotherapy is the improvement in mood! During a cryotherapy session at The Well Lounge, the extreme cold triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural “feel-good” hormones. Endorphins lead to a sense of euphoria, similar to the “runner’s high” experienced after intense exercise. Our patients leave a cryo session feeling uplifted and energized, ready to tackle the day with a positive mindset!

2. Ease Symptoms Related to Anxiety and Depression

Cryotherapy at The Well Lounge has shown promise in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. The release of endorphin, combined with the anti-inflammatory effects of cryotherapy, can alleviate some of the mental and physical symptoms people often feel related to anxiety and depression. Patients who consistently cryo, have reported feelings of less stress, more balance, and clarity. Regular cryotherapy sessions help to regulate the production of stress hormones such as cortisol, therefore reducing overall stress levels.

3. Improved Sleep Quality – CATCH THOSE ZZZs

Quality sleep is crucial for day-to-day life, mental clarity, athletic performance, and maintaining good mental health. Cryotherapy can help improve your sleep by relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and releasing hormones that promote relaxation. High-quality sleep leads to enhanced mental clarity, boosted mood, and reduced fatigue – contributing to overall improved mental wellness. At The Well Lounge, numerous patients have recognized better sleep after cryotherapy, and even recognize lesser-quality sleep when they do not cryo!  

4. Stress Relief – PUT THE CHILL ON STRESS

Exposure to sub-zero temperatures during cryotherapy sessions at The Well Lounge can help your body manage stress more effectively. The intense cold enacts the body’s natural fight-or-flight response, a form of stress on the body, which triggers an adaptive response. Over time, this can enhance the body’s ability to handle stress in everyday life. Additionally, the immediate sense of calm and relaxation post-treatment contributes to long-term stress relief. At The Well Lounge, our welcoming, easy-going atmosphere and wellness coaches ensure every visit is a relaxing escape from daily stressors.

5. Enhanced Cognitive Function – WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER

Consistent cryotherapy sessions at The Well Lounge can enhance cognitive function and ability. Following a cryo session, increased blood flow, rich in oxygen, helps to improve brain function – leading to better concentration, memory, and overall cognitive performance. This boost can be particularly beneficial for those who experience mental fatigue or brain fog. Our patients experience more focus, increased productivity, and overall clarity after a session of cryotherapy.


Whole Body Cryotherapy at The Well Lounge provides numerous mental health benefits, from mood enhancement and anxiety reduction to improved sleep quality and stress relief. By consistently incorporating cryotherapy sessions into your wellness routine, you can experience significant enhancement of your mental well-being. At The Well Lounge, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art services to help you achieve optimal mental and physical health.


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